Want the Scoop on Cannabis Insurance? 

There is an increasing amount of buzz in Florida about the Cannabis industry and its evolving laws and regulations. We intend to be at the forefront of Florida Cannabis Insurance Coverage. Society is changing; with that, many are rolling with the times to be a part of the fastest growing industry in the nation. Cannabis has become a movement in Florida causing regulations and laws to change with the realization of so many health benefits.  

This said, the insurance industry has been slow to evolve, leaving professionals in the dark. That’s what Evolution Insurance is here to change. Throughout years extensive research, we have found the information available is either limited or simply incorrect. This not only stunts growth opportunity for the insurance industry, but puts the professionals working hard to change it, at risk.  

Because the movement is still a newbie in our Sunshine State, many insurers won’t touch anything Cannabis related. What this meant for us is we had to search for a solution, because that’s our motto-if there is no apparent solution, you create one! Well we did, we were able to get exclusive access to some of the highest AM Best Rated Carriers out of state to offer comprehensive coverage for every aspect of the Cannabis industry. Our carriers offer an extensive array of coverages.

These coverages are either mandatory licensing compliance requirements or optional coverages that are specific safeguards for ancillary cannabis-related professional services. Be wary, however, while some of these are optional, specific exclusions are present in standard insurance policies, which could leave some of these professionals unprotected by risks in the budding industry.  

Our main goal is education.  

We’ve found many of our business professionals: Accountants, Physicians, Attorneys, etc… aren’t aware that many of their professional liability policies specifically exclude cannabis ventures and consultations. On the other spectrum, Vapor/Smoke shops are waiting for the chance to transition, this means the same needs to happen with their general liability and property coverage will follow suit. We have the capability to offer the easiest transition of coverage out there.  

We’re working hard to change the game and provide the most up-to-date information so clients can properly protect their businesses. Not only is it important to cover the premises liability and workers compensation, it’s equally important to cover your physical product and equipment that ensure your business runs smoothly.  

Whether you own a small CBD (Cannabidoil), infused product line, or an established cultivation operation, there is always a need for insurance coverage. Your insurance policy is in place for you to protect the very thing you worked hard to build and keep—your business. General liability, professional liability, workers compensation, crime, and business property coverage are not a luxury, they’re a necessity! When the worst happens to your business, getting hit with the extra expense—out of pocket—can ruin your operation, we spend the time to review recommended coverages, specific for your venture, and shift the risk away from you. 

If you’re curious of the coverages we offer or think you could be exposed, visit our website https://www.evolutioninsurance.com for more details or just click the link below to reach out! Don’t forget to read our featured article in the Cannabis News Florida or South Florida Health News publications and follow us on social media to stay in the know. 


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